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I called for an emergency appointment on a Friday for a chipped front tooth, they didn’t have an opening but I explained how I was in a wedding the next day and they fit me in within the hour (even though I was also a new patient)! I have chipped this bonding several times before and have never had a dentist that cared so much about trying to prevent it from chipping in the near future. Dr. Davis smoothed/evened out my 2 front teeth, 2 bottom teeth and fixed the chipped tooth for me all in an hour! The staff was amazing! Thank you again! Was my first time there but definitely will not be my last!

-Ashley Shyda


Absolutely one of the best dentists i know of. Thank you ladies for so much!

-S. Parker

For as long as I can remember I’ve had to go to therapy for my fear of the dentist! I am now 27 years old and just one year ago I finally took initiative to come see Dr. Davis, and let me say, there really are no words to describe how patient, understanding, helpful and generous she’s been with me. Although I’m sill a little antsy and nervous in the chair, my strong fearfullness has subsided.

Thank you,



Dr. Johnson & Staff-

Thank you for handling my “emergency” so nicely. My Blood Pressure dropped to a new low!!

– Ken Baldwin


Hi All-

What a nice gesture to give me flowers as a remembrance of my mother. You are all such caring people and you make your office a very comfortable place to be.


-Kem Hoffer


I have been coming to Dental Art Images for over 30 years, even before Dr. Johnson & Dr. Davis were here. I have always been pleased with the service I have gotten. I now bring my 4 children and they are not afraid to come to the dentist at all. The service has always been great and the staff courteous.

– Norma Swanger


I avoided smiling most of my life as my teeth were crooked and goofy-looking and until now, surgery was my only option. Thank you for my new smile!

– Anne Leedy


Dear Dr. Davis-

Just wanted to thank you for the flowers presented to me at my last appointment. The blooms did not wither for two weeks! It has been an unusual year and I must admit I am looking forward to it ending!

Also, I appreciated the fact that you and Dr. Johnson sponsored the radio broadcast from the Brethren Relief Auction. You not only treat your patients with care, you support the community too!


Sharon Lehman

P.S. Your staff is #1 too!


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